Name Change

If you get married in Greece and would like to change your last name, this came done at the American consulate. All one needs to take in is their marriage certificate and passport. A stamp is then added to one of the back pages of your passport showing your new name. This only takes a few minutes.


Getting married in Greece

Marriage in the Orthodox Church for a non-Orthodox:

Paperwork needed:
1. An “eligibility to marry” form. This form can be obtained from the American Embassy. It is a simple form but one must go in to complete it and swear under oath they are free to marry.
2. A baptismal certificate from any Christian denomination translated in Greek.
3. A form that is given from the church (where you will be married) stating that the children that come out of the marriage will be brought up Orthodox. This form must be signed before a notary.
4. Birth certificate translated in Greek.
5. Dissolution of marriage if married previously.