It must be a secret

Or is it? After returning from my trip to the states, I started looking around for secret antiperspirant because I was running low. In my extended search, I found that every supermarket out there, whether large or small, privately owned or chain, had removed them from the shelves. I quickly thought they must be discontinued or was it just in this part of the country? Now I am having to try out some other European brands but they are not doing the job. I will continue my search but if I do not find any, I will have to revert to buying it on line and having it shipped to me.

This brings me back to the earlier days. When I first moved here, I had no idea where to shop for cosmetics or personal hygiene items. Having no one to guide me, I had to go out and search alone. Supermarkets carried minimal cosmetics and commercials on TV of products were non existent. This lead me to believe that the cosmetics I used back home were no where to be found here. During my trips back and forth to the states, I would load my suitcase with items to bring back, items I needed that I could not find here.

One day, I heard of Hondos center the largest cosmetic chain in the country. When I first passed by the place, I noticed that they had a huge make-up department of just about every maker out there but I had no idea they had a second and third floor. It took me a total of two years before I realized they had the other floors, one of which was a personal hygiene department of things I had been searching for for so long.